Friday, May 9, 2008

A chilly May afternoon... a litte more about me

  I will take, make, create, and enjoy photos for the rest of my life. I'm pretty sure of that.  I feel fortunate that what I do for a living is also one the of things that I do for fun.  And, somehow, photography also tends to complement most of the other things I do for fun as well--surfing, traveling, hanging with family and friends,the occasional late night of partying, and, in the most general sense, just exploring. In fact, some of the most interesting situations I've wound up in and places that I have been have all revolved around or included shooting photos.  
  I am currently at that stage in my career where I'm actually getting paid for shooting, or,  at least having my expenses covered when I do a shoot (and sometimes in the editorial world, that's a win in of itself.)  But, I was shooting long before I ever got paid for it and I'll continue shooting as much as I can. 
  I think of this blog as a place where I can post new work, photo stories, snapshots, and anything else that grabs me.  Enjoy.  

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