Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Why did I start this blog and the realities of where I'm at...

Since the surf is super flat this morning, I figured I'd take the time to write, rather than just post some pics with a little bit of explanation...

I'll admit, I read Rob Haggert's blog (a photo editor) on a regular basis and through reading his blog I started exploring the photo blogosphere. There was definitely some inspiration through all of this intake, but for me there's more to it other than the fact that everyone else is starting to do it.

The short of it (relatively speaking), goes something like this...

The factors leading up to my blog:
  • I was an assistant and pretty tied into the photo scene (who's shooting what and for whom, etc.) Super motivated, always working on my portfolio. Spent every free moment (except for the time I was in the water) working on photography.
  • Stopped assisting and started shooting, but with little predictability.
  • Fell out of the whole photo scene, no real clue who was doing what, nor did I want to think about it, since I wasn't shooting all that much---and thinking about what everyone else was doing kinda bummed me out a bit on top it.
  • Went on the road with a band to shoot for a few weeks (to be written about in a future post.) Also went back to my former university as a visiting artist and did a photo show (also for future content.)
  • Came back from the road. Got really slow. Couldn't really think of anything I wanted to shoot. Wasn't really sure what the hell I was doing. Things were stagnant. Felt pretty bummed out about where I was in my career.
  • Started focusing on a lot of other things outside of photography (very important for my own personal happiness). A friend sent me the dvd The Secret (very very cheesy in presentation--no doubt, but it reintroduced me to those concepts, which I had lost contact with). Started reading books again. Started taking a Spanish class. Got a whole new take on career and commitment to a positive outlook on life.

  • Started reading a lot more photo blogs.
  • I have always liked to write.
  • I have the free time.
  • I'd love to do something that may help out others in a similar situation to my own.
  • I have a whole heck of a lot of work that doesn't necessarily fit in with the confines of my website.
  • I have been looking for new ways to share my work and promote myself.
  • I have new reasons to contact photo editors---(hold tight for an upcoming interview with a photo editor--probably about a week and half away or so...)
  • It is one of the best motivating factors I can think of to keep me shooting. Already started shooting a new personal project.
So, that's pretty much it. I'm a blogger now, and it's pretty darn fun.

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Anonymous said...

Hear, hear!!!! ha ha - very interesting, love hearing people's stories!!!