Monday, May 19, 2008

Family Ties

About a month ago I went home to see my dad and sisters and stepmom and my 92 year old grandfather happened to be there too. I hadn't seen my grandfather in several years and at 92, it's hard to say how much longer he'll be here. I had privately hoped to shoot portraits of my grandfather (his name is Harry just like all of my uncles--and all of them are pretty much bald) but I wanted to make sure that the shots would be great portraits, not just snapshots of grandpa. After a little scouting I found a great area in a new garage my father had just finished building. I asked all of my family (Dad, stepmom, both sisters, and my grandfather) if I could shoot their portraits.

My grandfather said that he'd never had his portrait taken. I put on Sinatra and we shot for about 20 minutes or so. I'm pretty stoked on 'em.

My youngest sister, well, she's just darn good in front of the camera...

I'd like to see them more--we live 2663 miles apart.

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